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To ensure our customers get the most out of their investment in Meeting Room Manager, Novera offer a comprehensive range of services to assist with all phases of planning, implementation, operation and support. All services are provided by professional, highly skilled and knowledgable staff.


Summary of Services

Our services are divided into two categories, namely Planning & Implementation Services and Operation & Support Services.

Planning & Implementation Services

Our Planning and Implementation Services are designed to ensure that Meeting Room Manager is installed, configured, customised and integrated into your business in a way that will meet your requirements and expectations. These services include:

Operation & Support Services

Once your Meeting Room Manager system is implemented it is important to keep things running smoothly so that your staff can enjoy uninterrupted service. We can help you maintain your system in optimum condition, and in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, there's fast and professional help close at hand. Our Operation and Support Services encompass the following services:

Anyone can make use of our services, even if you did not purchase your software from us. If you already have MRM and purchased it elsewhere we would be delighted to assist you with any of our services.

To find out more about each of these services, read on below where you will find a short description of each of our services. Or if you would like to speak to one of our consultants about how we can help you make your Meeting Room Manager implementation a success, please give us a call, send us and email or use our Contact Form.

Meeting Room Manager Services Description


Do you have specific requirements that are not addressed by the service offerings described here? We invite you to discuss your requirements with us and we will try our very best to tailor a solution to suit your needs.



One of the strengths of Meeting Room Manager is the ability to customise and configure the application to suit your requirements. However, with choice comes the necessity to evaluate alternatives and make decisions and this is where a little effort goes a long way. When introducing Meeting Room Manager into your organisation you need to consider a wide range of issues and include your key stakeholders in the planning process. Novera's workshop process takes you through a guided program that covers all the important issues, clearly explains what your options are and makes recommendations based on best practice. The number of workshops and duration of the program depends on the size of your organisation and the likely complexity of the installation. Typically the program varies from a single 4 hour workshop for a small organisation to several half-day or full-day workshops for an enterprise with several hundred rooms, thousands of staff and complex integration requirements.

The purpose of the workshops is to agree on a clear and unambiguous set of attributes, features and functions for the system. The output from the workshop process is agreed in advance. In most cases this will be a document outlining decisions made with regard to the configuration and customisation of MRM. If Novera is required to provide additional services as part of the implementation you will also receive a Proposal and Statement of Work setting out full details of any services to be provided, together with a fixed cost and time-frame for delivery.


Software Installation

This service does not apply to our Meeting Room Manager On-Demand offering as there is no server software for you to install. However, if you have purchased a software licence for on-premise installation it will need to be installed on your server(s). Novera can assist with this process and in most cases this can be done remotely.


Initial System Configuration

After installing the server software, or if you have purchased our Meeting Room Manager On-Demand service, you will have a 'blank' installation with no data. Before you can deploy MRM to your users you first need to create or import your user details, security groups, locations, resources (etc.) and configure a number of system options and email templates that determine how MRM will function and display its information. Novera can assist with this process or we can do it all for you. We also offer several templates to facilitate the import of data where there are a large number of users, locations and/or resources.



Meeting Room Manager is a powerful and flexible application that can be customised and tailored to your requirements. Rather than dictating how you should manage your reservations and workflow, MRM allows you to work the way you want.

Using MRM's built-in customisation features Novera can customise the following aspects of Meeting Room Manager:

  • User Interface 'Look and Feel' including colours, logos, buttons and other images
  • System labels, prompts and messages
  • Form Layouts, Tabs and Fields
  • Business Rules and Data Validation
  • Reports

Sometimes it is not possible to achieve the desired fuctionality using MRM's built-in customisation features. However, in most cases Novera is able to extend or modify the functionality of MRM to meet your requirements. Please tell us what your requirements are; we like a challenge and more often than not we can make MRM sing and dance to your desired tune...



Meeting Room Manager can be integrated with other IT and control systems to greatly extend the benfits derived from your investment. Some examples are:

  • Integration with Finance and Human Resources Management systems for automatic user management, reporting, resource usage billing etc.
  • Integration with IP Telephony systems to allow reservations to be viewed, created, extended or cancelled from an IP Phone
  • Integration with Security / Access Control / Parking Management systems to restrict access to booked venues or resources by the booker / attendees only
  • Integration with Lighting and Air Conditioning systems for automatic after hours control for booked venues
  • Integration with Video Conference systems to automatically book the VC equipment and establish VC connections when a meeting starts

The possibilities are endless and will be different for each organisation. We invite you to talk to us about your integration ideas and requirements and if it can be done we'll find a way to do it.


Database Tuning

The installation of Meeting Room Manager will automatically create a small number of indexes on the most often used tables in the MRM database. Whilst for most companies this works well, Novera have identified approximately 20 additional indexes that can make a big difference to your system's performance.You may want to consider additional tuning under the following circumstances:

  • You use customised forms with fields that are used for searching or reporting
  • Your organisation is a medium to large user, creating more than 50 reservations per day
  • Your system contains a lot of historical data, for instance more than 10,000 reservations
  • You have external applications that access MRM data
  • You simply want the best performance from your system

Once it has been decided which indexes are appropriate for your system, a script to create the indexes on the database is prepared by Novera. This script can then be run on your server.

If you are using our Meeting Room Manager On-Demand service, Database Tuning is included as part of our offering at no additional cost.


Custom Software Development

Sometimes Meeting Room Manager provides most but not all of the functionality you require. This is where our custom software development service comes in. Our brief can be as simple as extending the functionality of MRM with some basic SQL scripts or as complex as building a fully featured web application from the ground up. Whether the job takes half a day or several weeks to complete, we're happy to talk to you about how we can help you meet your objectives. Please contact us for a completely obligation-free discussion and quote.


Whilst Meeting Room Manager is quite intuitive and easy to use, most organisations will benefit from some level of training. Your requirements will depend somewhat on how you choose to implement MRM, the number of staff that will access the application and the extent to which it has been customised. Novera can assist with training for:

  • Administrators
  • Executive Assistants & Personal Assistants
  • General Users
  • IT Help Desk personnel
  • Corporate Trainers (Train the Trainer)
In addition to structured training sessions, we also offer our fast-track 1-hour and 2-hour Meeting Room Manager Administrator Training sessions over the web. Please contact us for more information or book your session using our training booking form.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. For larger implementations we are happy to tailor a package to your requirements whilst for smaller businesses we can simply run a one-on-one ad-hoc training session using our  web demo application.

User Documentation and Online Help

To make life easy for your users they need ready access to self-help information such as:

  • Cheat Sheets
  • Online Help
  • Company policy documents (for instance your Catering ordering policy)
  • Where to get support

Meeting Room Manager provides a very comprehensive on-line help system that contains information about every aspect of using MRM. However, it is by necessity of a generic nature and may be of limited use to your staff, especially if you have customised your forms or have a specific way of doing things. The online help can also be a little overwhelming as it contains information about absolutely every feature (including administration) of Meeting Room Manager, most of which will not be relevant to the majority of users. We can help you and your staff get the most out of MRM by creating a set of targeted, professional materials that provide just the right amount of information and are tailored to the way your staff create reservations, book catering and manage resources and equipment.

Technical Support

Novera recognises that for many organisations Meeting Room Manager is an important part of their day to day business operations. For this reason we offer a comprehensive range of support services from the standard support included in your annual Maintenance & Support agreement through to premium support offerings with expanded support hours and agreed service levels. For full details of our Meeting Room Manager Support offerings please refer to our Technical Support page.


System Administration Service

If you just want to use Meeting Room Manager and would rather not bother with the Administrative side, Novera is happy to be your MRM Administrator. We will manage your locations, resources, security, users and perform other agreed administrative tasks. This service is ideal for smaller organisations that do not have internal IT staff or can simply not spare the time to perform these tasks themselves.


Upgrade Service

This service is aimed at our on-premise customers who need to maintain the software installed on their servers. New updates and upgrades of Meeting Room Manager are released approximately 6 to 8 times per year. Whilst it is not necessary (and often not desirable) to upgrade your system with each new release, you should try to keep your system reasonably current and upgrade at least once or twice per year. Novera can perform these upgrades for you if you prefer not to do it yourself. Please contact us for more information and a quote.


Business Continuity

Knowing when your meetings are scheduled, who is attending and what catering has been ordered is often a critical part of your day to day operations. Imagine if your Meeting Room Manager application was unavailable for a day (or heaven forbid even longer). At best it would cause confusion and frustration. At worst it might leave your visiting clients with a poor impression of your company. To address this unlikely but possible event, Novera offers a Business Continuity service for those customers who maintain their own on-premise installation of Meeting Room Manager. We do this using our on-demand service where we keep a synchronised copy of your MRM database. In the event that your system becomes unavailable, your staff are able to access our on-demand service thereby minimising any interruption to your business and saving you from potential embarrassment.