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BizForms On-Demand

Novera provides consulting advice that can assist you in selecting the On-Demand plan that’s right for you. Novera also offers a service to build your applications for you. Our development approach takes a lot of guess-work out of the process. Our consulting services are normally fixed price - so you can rest assured that the cost of delivering your application meet your budget.

BizForms On-Premise

Larger organisations may choose to purchase BizForms and install it on their own IT infrastructure.

Services Overview

BizForms can be used either directly from our servers (BizForms On-Demand) or from your own IT infrastructure (BizForms On-Premise). These services are provided by Novera:

  • Workshops
  • Software Installation
  • Integration
  • Custom Development
  • Technical Support
  • Upgrade Service
  • Business Continuity

We assist you with the planning and implementation process to ensure that BizForms is correctly installed and configured for your requirements. We also provide advice on how to ensure to keep your BizForms environment operating at peak efficiency.


Do you have specific requirements that are not addressed by the service offerings described here? We invite you to discuss your requirements with us and we will try our very best to tailor a solution to suit your needs.



BizForms Applications can be configured to meet the needs of your organisation. The workshops, which may only be a few hours, help us to put together a joint plan of action to ensure a successful take-up in your organisation. If you are considering using BizForms Development to build your own applications, then Novera can partner with you to formulate an approach that will meet all the needs of your key stakeholders. Novera's workshop process takes you through a guided program that covers all the important issues, clearly explains what your options are and makes recommendations based on best practice.

The purpose of the workshops is to agree on a clear and unambiguous set of attributes, features and functions for your desired outcome. The focus and outcome of the workshop process is agreed in advance. If Novera is required to provide additional services as part of the implementation you will also receive a Proposal and Statement of Work setting out full details of any services to be provided, together with a fixed cost and time-frame for delivery.


Software Installation

This service does not apply to our BizForms On-Demand offering as there is no server software for you to install. However, if you have purchased a software licence for on-premise installation it will need to be installed on your server(s). Novera can assist with this process and in most cases this can be done remotely.



BizForms can be integrated with other IT and control systems to greatly extend the benefits derived from your investment. Some examples are:

  • Integration with databases where information is already available from existing applications or you wish to update information in these sources.
  • Integration with Web Services. These services may be provided by your own applications, or you may be subscribing to them. Either way, BizForms is able to connect to these sources.
  • Integration with BizForms. BizForms applications can share information.

The possibilities are endless and will be different for each organisation. We invite you to talk to us about your integration ideas and requirements and if it can be done we'll find a way to do it.


Custom Software Development

BizForms provides a powerful, flexible development environment. Novera can build applications to meet your business requirements. The completed solution can be deployed using our BizForms On-Demand service or within your organisation if you have implemented BizForms On-Premise. For added flexibility, it is possible to deploy on our servers for a period, and then migrate the application to run on your servers. Please contact us for a completely obligation-free discussion and quote.


Technical Support

Novera recognises that for many organisations BizForms is an important part of their day to day business operations. For this reason we offer a comprehensive range of support services from the standard support included in your annual Maintenance and Support agreement through to premium support offerings with expanded support hours and agreed service levels. For full details of our BizForms Support offerings please refer to our Technical Support page.


Upgrade Service

This service is aimed at our on-premise customers who need to maintain the software installed on their servers. New updates and upgrades of BizForms are released approximately 6 to 8 times per year. Whilst it is not necessary (and often not desirable) to upgrade your system with each new release, you should try to keep your system reasonably current and upgrade at least once or twice per year. Novera can perform these upgrades for you if you prefer not to do it yourself. Please contact us for more information and a quote.


Business Continuity

If you have implemented BizForms On-Premise, then your organisation is relying on BizForms to support some of its business processes. It can be quite costly and time-consuming to provide your own business continuity for BizForms. Novera offers a Business Continuity service for those customers who maintain their own on-premise installation of BizForms. We do this using our on-demand service where we keep a synchronised copy of your BizForms database. In the event that your system becomes unavailable, your staff are able to access our on-demand service thereby minimising any interruption to your business.