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Novera is building a portfolio of business productivity solutions that help organisations manage and streamline their everyday business processes.  Our solutions deliver important quantifiable benefits to organisations ranging from small businesses to large enterprises operating across a wide range of industries.

All solutions offered by Novera are selected on the basis of  three important criteria:

  • Market Leaders. The products we select are market-leaders and represent the best of breed in their field. They are used by thousands of happy customers around the world and are backed up by first class support and a comprehensive suite of services from Novera and our vendor partners.
  • Demonstrable Benefits. Our solutions have clearly demonstrable benefits in both qualitative and financial terms. They will help you improve efficiency and productivity whilst at the same time reducing costs.
  • On-Demand and On-Premise. Every organisation has different requirements and preferences so we give you the choice to subscribe to our convenient and cost-effective On-Demand hosted service or to purchase a software licence for On-Premise installation in your own IT environment.


Novera's Product Portfolio


Meeting Room Manager is a robust enterprise-class resource scheduling solution that helps organisations eliminate costly manual processes and increase workplace productivity by effectively managing rooms, resources and services such as equipment and catering. Accessible via the web, Microsoft Outlook® and LCD touch-screen devices, Meeting Room Manager is the complete answer to your scheduling needs.


BizForms is a powerful 100% web-based application environment - complete with customisable forms, workflow engine, database and integration capabilities - that lets you quickly create a wide variety of business applications without writing a single line of code. With BizForms, the people closest to a business challenge can develop and deploy a solution in just hours or days – instead of weeks or months – at a fraction of the cost of packaged applications or custom development projects.