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With Meeting Room Manager you can order catering and other services directly from within Microsoft Outlook

Meeting Room Manager's digital signage and touch screen LCD scheduling options represent the ultimate in office productivity, with plenty of 'cool' factor to boot.

Take your office productivity to the next level and impress your clients and staff alike with convenient and powerful digital signage options for Meeting Room Manager.

Interactive Scheduling with Touch Screen LCD Panels

Meeting room scheduling just became a lot more convenient. With Meeting Room Manager and a touch screen LCD panel staff can now instantly check room schedules, order catering, confirm A/V equipment, or book their next meeting on the spot.

LCD panel scheduling is great for ad-hoc meetings. Staff can quickly see which room is available and book it right there and then. No more wasted time trying to find an available room - or getting 'thrown out' mid-meeting because someone else had the room already booked. And if your meeting is running over time, simply verify availability and extend your booking from the LCD panel.

Importantly, LCD panel scheduling is done in real time - just as it is with Meeting Room Manager's web and Outlook scheduling - so you will never experience a booking conflict.

Professional Large Format Display Options

Meeting Room Manager supports 'broadcasting' information to large format LCD panels or plasma displays that are both professional and impressive in your front lobby, reception or corporate hospitality area. With up to-the-minute information - updated automatically from Meeting Room Manager's reservation database - your clients will be able to quickly find the right meeting room or venue.

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Thousands of organisations worldwide are already benefiting from the tangible increase in overall productivity and cost savings that Meeting Room Manager provides. To see for yourself how you can take your organisation's scheduling to the next level, register for a free 14 day trial right now.