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Our Goal

Novera's goal is to provide solutions that make it easier for businesses to manage their everyday activities and processes, greatly improving efficiency whilst reducing costs. In addition to our ready to use applications - such as meeting room management, employee leave management, expense claims management and travel requests - clients can easily build their own web applications using our Australian-based BizForms platform (powered by PerfectForms). Novera is continually expanding its services and providing new and innovative ways of getting things done better, faster and cheaper.


Our clients can focus on their core business with the peace of mind that Novera's solutions are taking care of the rest.


For maximum flexibility, our solutions can be implemented as both On-Demand and On-Premise services. If you already have an established IT capability, then our On-Premise solutions provide you with the ability to integrate with other applications you are running in your organisation. Most likely you will already have made an investment in IT personnel, hardware and software, so by deploying our solutions On-Premise, you are leveraging your investment.

If you want a solution that's already up and running, then On-Demand is the way to go. On-Demand means you have no major upfront outlay. As Novera has already made the investment in IT personnel, hardware and software; you are leveraging our investment. On-Demand allows you to start small and ramp up as your business requires.

Professional Services

All of our solutions are underpinned by comprehensive Professional Service packages that can be tailored to meet your budget. As Novera are the experts in our solutions, you can save a lot of time and work by talking to us about what you want to achieve. Novera is delighted to provide fixed-price quotes for any of our professional services so that you are in control.