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Careers at Novera


Are you looking for a future rather than a job?


Think you've got what it takes to help shape a company and drive its success?


Why Novera?

If you share Novera's goal of providing quality SaaS solutions for the business community, then you should consider a move to Novera.  At Novera everyone works on the business as well as in the business.  You need to be bright, talented and hard-working, but foremost you need to have a passion for success; that of Novera, our clients and your own. 

We have exacting standards by which we assess the suitability of potential personnel. If you have skills and experience in Business Process Design or Systems Integration with a strong knowledge of Microsoft .NET, then you could be a good fit for Novera.

There's no bureaucratic management structure as our employees are individuals who are capable of self-management and work together well in a team situation.