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With BizForms it is possible - in fact it's a breeze - to replace manual paper-based processes and cumbersome spreadsheets with intelligent collaborative web-based applications.

BizForms is a feature-rich, 100% web-based application environment - complete with pixel-perfect forms, business logic, and integration capabilities - that lets you quickly build and deploy a wide variety of business applications, all without writing a single line of code.

With BizForms the people closest to a business challenge can create a solution in just hours or days – instead of weeks or months – at a fraction of the cost of large packaged applications or traditional custom development projects.

Drag and Drop Visual Application Development

Rapidly create complete web applications with forms, a database and business processes — no coding required. With BizForms' powerful drag & drop editor you can visually design the user interface, define the workflow and set up connections to other systems, all from within your browser.

  • Build engaging pixel-perfect forms in minutes using easy point-and-click tools.
  • Design simple or complex workflows completely without coding.
  • Add multi-media such as images, sound and movie clips.
  • Send automatic notifications, reminders and escalations when action is required.
  • Create impressive drill down reports with data grids, graphs, charts and gauges.
  • Dashboard provides full visibility when action is needed to be taken.
  • Easy integration with LDAP, databases and other business systems.
  • Quite simply the easiest way of dealing with almost any process.


Image 1 - Editing the Form Layout in BizForms


Image 2 - Defining Behaviours in BizForms

100% Web based Software. On-Demand or On-Premise

Develop, customise, deploy, share and use business applications - all you need is a browser and an internet connection.

  • 100% web-based – no hardware or software to install, and no servers to maintain
  • Browser safe – Full support for all major Windows and Mac browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari).
  • On-demand platform – providing full 24x7 application hosting services for  applications
  • Easy to use – Intuitive web-based user interface. All applications share the same UI framework
  • Collaborate with anyone – Easily collaborate and share data within the company, with customers and vendors by inviting users into your account.