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Give your business a performance boost with these indispensable productivity solutions from Novera.

Boost your business performance

Streamline your everyday business processes with these essential productivity solutions from Novera.

BizForms: Business Transformed

Ready to say goodbye to paper forms?

Streamline your business processes and boost productivity with BizForms.

Easily build business logic into your forms and web applications with BizForms' visual workflow designer

Complex workflow giving you a headache?

Get quick relief with BizForms' easy-to-use visual workflow editor.

Stop creating mountains of paper and move your paper based processes to electronic business forms with BizForms

Are you still creating mountains of paper?

Do your business and the environment a favour and switch to electronic forms and business processes with BizForms.

MRM: Scheduling Perfection

Make resource scheduling a breeze ...

with Meeting Room Manager, the ultimate meeting room booking system.

For perfect meetings, Meeting Room Manager delivers effortless management of audio visual equipment and other resources.

Book, manage and track your audio visual equipment

With Meeting Room Manager you can be confident equipment is available and set up when you need it.

Book a room and organise catering - from the web or Microsoft Outlook - all in one simple process.

Manage catering for your meeting or event

Whether from your browser or Microsoft Outlook, organising corporate catering has never been easier.

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Meeting Room Manager is the simply the best Meeting Room and Resource Scheduling Software available today

Meeting Room Manager streamlines your scheduling processes,  reducing costs and increasing productivity. Easily manage meeting facilities, catering, audio-visual equipment, video conferencing and more...

Meeting Room Manager can also help you manage your fleet cars, car parking spaces and other resources or facilities. Accessible via the web, Microsoft Outlook® and touch-screen devices, Meeting Room Manager is the complete answer to your scheduling needs.

Meeting Room Manager and BizForms are available as On-Demand applications
BizForms lets you quickly build Web Applications with Forms and Workflow capabilities

Automating your business processes has never been easier. Rapidly build workflow-enabled rich internet applications using BizForms' 100% visual development environment without writing a single line of code!

Extremely powerful and yet simple to use, BizForms enables the people closest to a business challenge to create a solution in just hours or days – instead of weeks or months – at a fraction of the cost of large packaged applications or traditional custom development projects.